Robert Walter


Bob Walter, based in our Sanctuary Global offices in Miami, Florida, serves as the President of Sanctuary Securities, Inc., our broker-dealer. Bob, who also oversees our expansive asset management division. leads an experienced team who deliver effective investment solutions to both institutional and high net worth clients. He has over 20 years’ experience, all on the independent side of the business, working with entrepreneurs, registered reps, broker-dealers, institutions and global families. Bob serves on the firm’s senior leadership team and his vision has helped define the strategic direction for Sanctuary Global. Bob’s career includes working with entrepreneurs and helping registered reps, broker-dealers and institutions grow their businesses. Prior to joining Sanctuary, Bob held numerous senior leadership roles in the financial service industry, including Trading Manager, CFO, Treasurer, Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and President. Bob is responsible for the oversight of both Sanctuary Securities, the broker-dealer arm of Sanctuary Wealth, as well as its Institutional and Investment Solutions.

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